They are not as dangerous as the anti-vax pro-disease crowd insist. Learn about them here.


It's not "just" a theory. It's as close to fact as science can come, and it says nothing about ANY gods. It has no need for them.


There is a difference between skepticism and cynicism. Learn it!

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This Blog is what brought us together for this common purpose. Thank you Dr. Plait, and hopefully the world will thank you as well.


Many of us speak about the James Randi Educational Foundation. What is it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that may be asked frequently.

Q. What is this page for?
A. Consider this an "Educational node" on the internet. This page is meant as a resource to succinctly state why the anti-vax pro-disease and creationist/intelligent design stances are just plain wrong. This page doesn't have an answer to every question, nor can it address the entirety of these subjects, but it's a good starting point. Also, it is an attempt to reduce the noise to signal ratio on these subjects.

Q. Who are you guys?
A. A group of concerned citizens that have taken the time to research and find the answers to the most common questions about these subjects. We have a United States Air Force Officer with a technical background as well as an extensive background in teaching. Another administrator is a non-profit administrator with a Master of Science degree in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices. Yet another is a Computer Scientist.

Q. Are you associated with the FDA, CDC, pharmaceutical companies, or any specific groups that profit or in other ways have anything to gain from these debates?
A. No! We are spending our own money and time on this site with no endorsements from anyone.

Q. Why the vaccine debate and evolution?
A. Those are two debates that seem to have the greatest mountains of evidence supporting a reality based decision, yet also has the loudest deniers of said reality. Furthermore, the anti-vax pro-disease debate is costing people their lives. The evolution debate is impacting education's opportunity to equip our children to be part of the real world. These issues are of great importance to us.

Q. What about homeopathy, psychics, bigfoot, greys, etc.?
A. All silly subjects that should be debunked as well! We just chose not to on this page. In the links section, I'm sure you'll find resources for those subjects.

Q. Why should I listen to you?
A. Don't! We are not the ones making any authoritative statements. We are just condensing vast amounts of information, providing citations, and putting it here for your use. Make your own conclusions, but do so rationally. All too often, people enter a debate like this:

* Science is false, my belief is true.
* Your evidence means nothing. I can say this despite the fact I have no idea what it even means.
* I have no evidence but it doesn't matter because�(I have faith, the government is hiding it, it's beyond the powers of science to reveal, etc.).
* I only came here to see if anyone had an open mind.
* My own closed mind doesn't count.
* People who don't believe as I do are arrogant jerks.
* I guess no one here wants to know the truth.
* Good bye.

Don't be one of those people. If you disagree with something, cite it, cross reference it, evaluate it, evaluate the source, etc. Don't just agree with something because it agrees with a pre-held feeling you have. You know, that whole "gut feeling" thing Steven Colbert does is a parody. Your gut is not a good decision making tool!

Q. How often do you update the website?
A. Whenever we find out new information regarding the two main subjects. Right now (May 2009) the site is in a building phase, so expect a lot of updates. Later on, we will depend on getting news and alerts from the medical and scientific communities.

Q. Can I help?
A. Of course! You can make a donation via payPal with the button on the right, or if you wish to become a blogger email an administrator for more information on that, and of course you can post your thoughts on the blog page.

Q. What if I disagree with you?
A. That's fine too, within reason. Can you back up the reasons why you disagree based on evidence? Are you trying to impose a poorly backed up opinion on others? That's what this page is here to combat against.

Q. I have a question not in the F.A.Q.?
A. Please contact us, and we can add it.


(Please stand by for more updates!)




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